The first scientifically based
aging therapy

We have developed a method that
can stop age-related diseases

Why us? Because we know what senescent cells (s. cell) are! Because we know what a powerful destructive effect they expose the human body to! Because we know how to find them! And the main thing - we know how much, when and how to neutralize them.


Why us?

Diseases Diseases that are associated with age can occur much earlier than you might guess. Do you have symptoms of diabetes, cancer, heart attack, stroke and other age-related diseases? This does not mean that they do not threaten you. We will help you determine exactly what is happening to your health. What will be the quality of your life tomorrow. We know exactly what to do.


Why us?

Therapy Our specialists have developed a special ScanHealth application.
Artificial intelligence ScanHealth, based on the classic foundation of functional diagnostics and the most advanced laboratory methods, uses its unique data processing algorithm to create a personalized senolytic therapy program for you, which is based on an individual selection of senolytic drugs, their dosage and intake algorithm.


Why us?



Anti Aging

We monitor your lifestyle and assume in advance what you need to do to protect yourself from age-related diseases. We will launch a program to extend your life at a higher quality level. We save your treatment costs as we prevent your illnesses.

Step 1: Determining the exact biological age of the patient and comparing it with the calendar

Step 2: Assessment of the functional state and aging rate of all organs and systems

Step 3: Early diagnosis of age-related diseases

Step 4: Accumulation of data in the ScanHealth computer program using artificial intelligence algorithms

Step 5: Create your individual double that reflects the full spectrum of body conditions

Step 6: Create optimal personal therapy course

Step 7: Reexamining patients throughout their lifetime and optimizing therapy.

Scientifically verified articles from
international scientific journals

The effectiveness of research is confirmed by the world's leading experts.

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the diseases commonly associated
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The first

scientifically based
aging therapy

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